Finding The Seeker’s Journey

So I’ve been exploring an idea about a different way to structure narratives, and in the end found Hero’s Journeys and Seeker’s Journeys have structures that provide insight into each other. Everybody will tell you stories are about conflicts. Having a problem and by the end solving it or not. But writer Ursula K. Le […]

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Characters Who Drive the Plot

The structure of a novel is not truly mysterious, but many people don’t understand.  I know it took me years to get it.  I’ve written this based on other people teachings, but went beyond their ideas to develop my own. Consider that every novel has a protagonist and antagonist.  It also has a main character, […]

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Developing Your Narrative Instinct

A common question amongst new writers is: are you an “outliner” or a “pantser“? Most writers are somewhere in between. An outliner can plan out every detail of a story, setting, character, backstory, plot, atmosphere, symbolism etcetera before they set their first word to page, but a plan never stays intact once you start enacting […]

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